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10 most Googled Questions about a Celebrity

Get naked it works!

5 Reasons Why Your Podcast Should Have Nothing to do with Your Radio Show from the hosts <Maarten Vancoillie (Programme Host, Qmusic, Belgium) & Dorothee Dauwe (Programme Host, Qmusic, Belgium).

A naked picture was great media coverage for their podcast. Maarten & Dorothee are hosts of a drive time show who are number one in the Belgium market. As an extension of the personal brand they are also available for DJ work!

There is a certain flow to being a DJ, conversations last about 3-5 minute interviews but they wanted more.

It’s important to be the top of peoples minds because of how radio is measured in Belgium.

Podcasting is a logical next step so they started (at the request of Google) a podcast on the 10 most Googled Questions about a Celebrity. Their first podcast was with the President of Belgium!!!

"Extra content is the most important reason why your radio show should have nothing to do with your radio show".

In a podcast interviewees can sometimes say things which wouldn’t normally be said on the radio. This creates content and generates press for the podcast, just by letting people tell their stories.

Again personal branding is important especially telling listeners more about themselves strengthening relationships with listeners and also with celebrities.

People find it harder to switch to another radio show as they have just a deep connection with the hosts. Audiences want to listen to you with more content and for free, they want more of you.

They finished by saying podcasting isn’t the same as radio, this distinguishes different products radio or podcast.