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Meet Ups at Radiodays Europe Podcast Day

Why host a Meet Up? 

Have you got an idea you want to discuss, do you want to meet new people, do you want to gather together people you know to talk through an issue in the industry, do you want to become more involved in Radiodays Europe Podcast Day? Then host a Meet Up. To host a meet up please email:

Day before Networking Session

A networking session will be held the day before Podcast Day where we will try to contect as many as you as possible. This fun session will be a mix of speed dating and serious discussion, based on the Radiodays Europe sessions Fast and Curious but with a Podcast twist. All those registered for Podcast Day will be invited to attend this networking session, more details will follow.

Evening before informal 'ice breaker' on the night before

The Radiodays team will hold an informal 'ice breaker' this will be a getting to know you session at which you can meet the team, some of the speakers and your fellow podcasters or podcast enthusiasts. Drop by any time before or after dinner, we will let you know where and how long we will be there for but join us at the start of Podcast Day 2019.