Commercial Partners
Mike Newman
United Kingdom

Audioboom works with well-known personalities and top podcasting talent from around the world. We match them with advertising agencies and brands, helping them take advantage of the unique benefits offered by podcast ads. Whether it's host read endorsements, dynamically inserted ads, sponsorships or branded content, our ad sales team manages the process from beginning to end.

We partner with the leading distribution platforms and streaming services – Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Stitcher – so that listeners can access and discover podcasts on the devices and platforms of their
choosing. Our sleek embeddable player allows podcasters to share content on their own websites and via social media.

In addition to hosting, distributing and monetising content, our studios in London, Los Angeles, Mumbai and New York produce original content for our Audioboom Originals Network and as part of bespoke production deals with well-known personalities and brands.

Key partners include A+E Networks (US), *An Acquired Taste *(US), Associated Press (US), *Astonishing Legends* (US), *Casefile True Crime* (AUS), *Chrisley Confessions *(US), Edith Bowman (UK), *Evidence Locker* (AUS) *F1:Beyond The Grid* (UK), *George Ezra & Friends *(UK), Heston Blumenthal (UK), Jonathan Ross (UK),* Moneycontrol Podcast *(India), *No Such Thing As A Fish* (UK), Red FM (India), *The Cycling Podcast *(UK), *The Totally Football Show* (UK), *The True Geordie Podcast* (UK) *True Crime Obsessed* (US) and *Undisclosed *(US).

Original content produced by Audioboom includes *And That's Why We Drink, **Blank Check*, *Covert*, *Dead Man Talking*, *Deliberations,* *InBox*, *It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey*, *Mafia*, *Night Call*, *The 45th* and *The
Narrow Caves*.